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     Corporate Profile
    Zhongcaijianhong Corporation Group has been engaged in steel strcuture and color steel rolled plate for more than l O years, and now has developed into a group corporation centering on steel structure and color rolled plate and integrating production, sales, design and construction. The headquarter of the group sted locates in the ABP Beijing, and it forms a strategic market distribution of central China, northwest, northeast and overseas. The yearly yielding amount of all plate is around 5 million m2 and steel structure is around 20 thousand tons. The annual project complete size is300 throusand m2, annual production valne is RMB 300 million,and annual export volume is over RMB 50 million.

Project strength  Zhongcaijianhong has the steel strcuture project professional contract qualification II, may undertake construction of the multi-layer, high-leveland the extrahigh building steel strcuture; Large golf playing field, natatorium, indoor tennis stadium etc. sports arena steelworks, airport air station building, airplane hangar, conference & exhibition center and other Iongspan space steelwork, large-scale iron and steel plant, biological pharmaceutical manufac- turing plant, chemical industry, warehousing etc. each kind of modernized industry workshop steelwork. The projects we undertake and construct in recent years include: the British high-level steelwork apartment building, the South Korean modern Mobis, the Taiyuan steel and iron group, the swallow steel group, the Zhongwang group, the Ely group, the Mongolian cow group, Tongfang Kawasaki, the He Tao wine business, Baiqiang furniture and many other famous enterprise"s workshop construction.

Manufacturing strength  Zhongcaijianhong is one of the first enterprises which obtain steelwork manufacturing quality I,and it has the international advanced H section automatic welding production line, production lines, the BOX column production line, pipe girder construction production line; the Italian OMS Corporation completely automatic polyurethane corebo ardproduction line,theclosed and shrank combination floor production line and above one hundred production line of each kind of color steel pate.

Design strength  Zhongcaijiahong has the steelwork design grade B intelligence, abundant technical strength, design research and development troop of the national registration one-level structurer, advanced design softwares; it has joined editing of several setsof national and local profession standard regulations; it has the closed building carrying plate patent technology, and the steel - concrete structure project application technology has been in the international leading level.

Products series  Zhongcaijianhong enterprise group products involve mainly color steel profiling plate series, color steel coreboard series (polyurethane, EPS, crag cotton and kapok, glass silk wadding), combination floor series, steelwork series, prefabricated house series and some project suitable products. zhongoaijianhong products apply widely in the domestic and foreign major industry workshops and in the commercial constructions due to the high quality products and service, in Xizhimen firefighting Command Center, GE Time Center, the Jinding building and some significant steelwork projects,zhongcai products obtained customers" consistent high praise.

Overseas project  Zhongcaijianhong develops the overseas construction marke actively has successively undertaken more than 30 projects in more than 20 countries including Europe, Asia, Africa, the America and so on, and has established the friendship and cooperation relationship with customers of England, Ja- pan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Yemen, Guatemala, Angola and so on.

Look ahead  Nowadays, the Chinese steelwork develops fast, Zhongcaienterprise group has formmed a experienced managemment team streng- th the company takes "sense of worth" as the basis, takes "promote value for the customer" as the power, takes creating the environmental protection, the energy saving construction as the social mission, and will contribute the strength to the Chinese steelwork industry!


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