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Steel markets and trade International seminars will be held
Doble-click auto scroll Publisher:jc36524 Release time:2008-04-21 Read:2791times

"The fifth steel market and the international seminar on trade in 2007" will be held this month from 25 to 27 in Guangzhou. The seminar was hosted by Chinese Iron and Steel Association, Chinese Council for the Promotion of International Trade Branch of the metallurgical industry contractors to the study of China and the world steel market and trade development as the main content of the high-level international conference. 

The meeting aims to promote Chinese enterprises to strengthen domestic and international steel production, demand for steel and steel trade trends and research to understand and guide enterprises to meet market demand to determine a reasonable development strategy, market position and trade policies to promote domestic and foreign investment in iron and steel, Producers, traders and users, such as between the exchanges and cooperation. Steel markets and international trade seminar since its inception in 2000, has held four in a row, the influence continues to expand.                   

The meeting will explore the following topics: How will the Chinese steel consumption growth in the international market and how? China's iron and steel industry from a global perspective on how to examine their own iron and steel industry? Wuhan Iron and Steel, Anshan Iron and Steel Company, Guangzhou Iron and Steel Company who will be responsible for import and export analysis of the situation and make judgments.

 In addition, the China Iron and Steel Association, as well as research institutions from the International Iron and Steel WSD, AIIS, CRU's head, Europe, Japan and South Korea, ASEAN and Latin America Iron and Steel Institute are leading institutions will attend the meeting and do a speech. They will forecast in 2007 and the medium and long-term international steel trade and market trends, explore the development of related industries, and macro-economic changes in the demand for steel, iron and steel trade policy, international exchange and steel processing center and the development of electronic transactions related to the problem.


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