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The United States complained that Chinese steel exports surge
Doble-click auto scroll Publisher:admin Release time:2008-04-21 Read:3124times

Voice  of  America March 10 reported that the original title: China Steel lost on a large scale industry to resort to the United States and the United States Congress in recent years, China's iron and steel production showed an explosive growth in steel exports also rose sharply, the U.S. steel manufacturers have a pressing sense of crisis. U.S. steel manufacturers and steel workers union called on Congress to take action to stop the ever-increasing imports from China of harming U.S. steel industry

At present, China is the world's largest steel producer. At the same time, its exports of steel to increase the speed even more amazing, last year exported 43,000,000 tons of steel, shot up 110 percent from a year ago. 60% of all exports to the United States, the European Union and the Republic of Korea

Chinese steel production and export of the rapid growth of the U.S. steel industry to feel a serious threat. March 8, U.S. steel producers and union leaders gathered at the Capitol in Washington to discuss the influx of steel to resist China's response. American Iron and Steel Company, president of the Seer Ma pointed out that China's steel output rose an unprecedented speed, from 2003 to 2006, an increase equivalent to the size of the United States and Japan in 2006 of the total steel production

Large steel pipe producer Wheatland Pipe's highest executive head of the Lao Song pointed out that the steel pipe imported from China showed an explosive growth in recent years. In 2002, the United States imported only 128,000 tons of Chinese steel tube, and last year the figure has turned a series of good. China's iron and steel industry due to the implementation of large-scale subsidies to its steel price per ton lower than in the United States 100-200 U.S. dollars This situation has led to some U.S. steel pipe producers shut down in Oregon, Texas and Louisiana plants. If the Government does not intervene, the U.S. steel pipe industry will lose thousands of jobs

Lao Song said: "The way to do business, there are fundamentally different,that is they open company is to provide employment, and we are to compete on financially".


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