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Doble-click auto scroll Publisher:jc36524 Release time:2008-04-21 Read:3457times

Guo Songhai of the CPPCC National Committee members in recent interviews on the two proposed housing land should pay attention to materials, residential development should focus on saving energy, sustainable development of China's construction industry to go on the road. As one of the leading construction of the four major Beijing, Beijing plans to develop the Group of living of the total number of provincial and energy-saving type of steel for residential, group general manager Wang Baoshen in the 2007 report on the work of that: the development of energy-saving houses in the province, raising the residential technology The content and quality of research, technology and construction of steel structures, such as environmental protection, energy-saving construction techniques, and constantly improve the technical capabilities of the Group

And the traditional structure of concrete, steel in residential construction and overall efficiency of both the traditional structure with incomparable advantages: light weight, low-cost basis, the seismic performance, easy post-disaster rehabilitation, recyclable and renewable materials, Energy conservation, provincial and water. On the one hand, these advantages enable developers to reduce the investment risk and speed up the flow of funds, the developer of sales and capital returns are very favorable; on the other hand, builders, a short construction period, from construction to climate and seasonal effects, processing and On-site installation can be synchronized operations; at the same time a short period of time buyers can move into their house favorite, personalized laid  Three-pronged US-wide, why not

But in recent years, as China's urban construction and development of the rapid growth of steel production, construction steel structure highlights the huge gap: As the world's largest iron and steel, construction steel in the construction industry in our country as a whole had a share of less than 5 %, While the developed countries has reached more than 50%. As a green building, steel structure housing the Ministry of Construction has been listed as key projects to promote, especially in large and medium-sized cities in China, more people, less land, and people's living conditions, living space, such as the increasingly demanding , The larger the scope of application of domestic steel has become an irresistible trend

At present, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, the construction of a number of domestic steel pilot demonstration projects, such as Beijing to live by the Group of the total design and construction of their homes in dawn B 1 steel residential building, by the string side and the combination of H-section steel Chungang system. 'In addition to the structure of the Chungang use of the system, its wall panels also use a new type of environmentally friendly building materials, in particular the fire retardant coating, the use of environment-friendly models with natural materials, thin-coated, low-cost, at room temperature in the construction, there is no formaldehyde Harmful substances produced when the fire broke out and smoke a lot and no hazardous substances arise.  Morning responsible for the construction of residential homes steel structure housing the total steel company technicians told reporters. As a new type of fire retardant coating, the Beijing Architectural Design & Research Institute of residential and plant joint R & D Beijing coatings have been adopted by the Ministry of Construction of the expert group identified

As the domestic steel materials of the province, the room was high, cost-effective advantages gradually been approved, the standards for the design and construction standards have been issued, domestic steel supply is adequate, as a group of dawn like steel structure housing The steel structure housing the pilot and demonstration projects, the development of the domestic steel has a better material and technical basis   Experts predict that by 2008 the face of post-Olympic era of relative shrinkage of the construction market, the construction of the residential construction market in China will become the core, known as the 21st century 'green building' one of the steel structure to adapt to China's residential building a conservation-minded society The request is bound to lead the future direction of the housing industry, more and more away from us the last


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