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“The bird’s nest” to install steel structure hand-breaking storm
Doble-click auto scroll Publisher:bjzcgjty Release time:2008-04-22 15:24:46 Read:4437times

Looking far, which is gradually exposed early shape under currently construction National Stadium, with the steel structure of the fast "healing", "bird's nest" markedly effective likes life. To enter the construction site, the first eye to the "decisive battle to reach the 100-day closure conditions for steel" propaganda card, as well as assembling pieces of rock, lifting assembly, welding and installation of busy workers. In order to gain time, gain the initiative, the "bird's nest" north-south between the work area as well as the construction team to carry out a fierce quality, safety and the progress of labor competition

Competition: The first open behind-the-scenes grind large,overweight and a new type of steel used, that the "bird's nest" of the progress of construction steel structure, quality, security and more control in the hands of the technical department, so I started

working on the race to start behind the scenes. 

Working area in the south, reporters see the Beijing Urban Construction Steel Company Seiko National Stadium project, Minister of the Department of Technical Ye Jian Feng has been focused on the cone-shaped wooden truss column model, with a rope for a while Shuanzhu up this point, for a while at that point Try, according to every point of contact, chu truss constantly looking for and should be the focus of the deflection, tilt. WEI Yi-jin chief engineer of the project's estimated two-step program has been widely recognized.

Work area in the north, the same project managers work out a scientific program of construction, construction, the two sides to maintain the basic balance of the construction progress, the formation of the whole project goes hand in hand.

Installation: physical strength to fight on a more intellectual

 Steel components of the “bird’s nest” from Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai. To facilitate transportation, all shot to pieces in the form delivered to the site. When first installed a large assembly of components, and then hung up the installation. At the construction site, reporters saw the cone-shaped column of the truss hoist  Weight more than 300 tons, 15 meters high and 25 meters Dikuan about the monster, 800 tons by the cable car slowly away from the traction, took off slowly, head down in his small, big inverted up to the moment, decisive workers use Tsinghua University professor estimates that the SLIDE, for a specific location will be fixed up. Insiders know, this seemingly simple process required a set of data, experts and professors are the crystallization of the wisdom, experience is very difficult to achieve.

Beijing Urban Construction Seiko's often small, Zhejiang Seiko Xiao Wu's all done to install more than a decade, but such a big part in weight, size and height of the truss columns and truss structure at the construction facade is the first time. During a meeting in actual combat operations, according to the Institute of often small-plate thickness and size to find the length of the focus of skills; Xiao Wu mastered hanging high in the process of lifting material may be turning the gesture and response, Xiao Zhang, Li and others to In the seven or eight components of the interface after hanging up, with the fastest speed in place, is to find and adjust to the best parts of the welding. With such a period of valuable construction experience, this group of young people called the lifting of experts.

 Welding: Qian Lixun went to good

To face the use of special extra-thick high-strength steel in the first time, no person knows what it needs current welding speed, temperature, and other warm-up technical parameters. In particular to the installation of steel across the entire winter, and every step can not be separated from welding. In order to ensure the quality of construction progress, construction ahead of the Group of the Organization for Human northward Harbin low temperature solderability tests to find the best welding program. After the election has selected 180 high-level welders to form 4 classes, specializing in steel welding operations

Zhang Chengdu, Liu Bin welders are two classes of the squad leader, who not only perfect technique, but also found many of the unique use of children here. For the wind, they welded parts of the canvas and surrounded by people, to speed up the welding speed and improve the quality of welding; in a narrow angle, not head into the stretch, less than a glance, the use of mirrors to solve the problem of welding; Sheet metal thickness in different circumstances, in a timely manner to improve the welding technology, innovation and a lot of welding methods. Now, the work area just south of the more than 300 welders, the average per person per day to 9 kilograms welding electrode. According to this calculation, the entire length of the weld steel works together to reach 300,000 meters.

 At the construction site, or you stand or sit or lie on a steel frame, and some are even tied to their shelves, is a half-day worked, overtime is a one night, but do not call tired.

 This article comes from the "Chinese metal on-line"


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