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The National meeting of building steel construction industry will be held in 2008 in Guangzhou
Doble-click auto scroll Publisher:bjzcgjty Release time:2008-05-06 10:56:25 Read:4128times

A reporter for the Han Ruihua reported, for convey and implement the relevant industrial policies, the exchange of information industry, and guide the healthy development of the industry and the development of foreign construction steel market, Housing and urban and rural construction steel structure of the Ministry of Construction Committee will be held meeting of the National building steel construction industry on May 22 to 26 in 2008 in Guangzhou.

   It is understood that the meeting main includes: the annual work report of the steel structure Committee in 2007; Steel structure project special report and  the exchange of papers and  new products introduction;It announces  that  a list of excellence steel project manager (construction division) and  awards the certifications and  recognitioned enterprise civilization of steel  structure industry and business working activists and  proclaims a  list of  the fixed  companies and awards the certifications  in 2008 to 2010 and the  list of  the top 20 companies in 2007; visit the Fifth National Exhibition steel and  visits the fifth steel industry exhibition and the steel project works of building in Guangzhou. In addition, That will be also review Taiwan or Hong Kong and Macao after the meeting..  Representatives to visitTaiwan be sure to express the personal data to the steel construction committee for verification on April 25.


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